Svalson now offers customers unprecedented opportunities – with the touch of a button – to ensure your home balcony becomes glazed or, conversely, open.  This has been made possible thanks to the newly developed Citi Lä® sliding window system by our company specialists.  This system allows you to adjust the height of the balcony windows depending on the weather, the season and your individual preference.  With this type of sliding window system you will no longer have to worry that you will not be able to relax on your favorite balcony in case of rain or strong wind.  When used with a canopy or awning, your balcony can transform from an open balcony into a closed balcony and vice versa within seconds.  With the Citi Lä® sliding window system developed by Svalson, our customers no longer have to worry about the need for balcony glazing, as this system provides a variety of uses for the balcony.  This means that you will not be worried that the weather is good, but the glazed balcony prevents you from relaxing and enjoying them fully.  Now determine what your balcony will look like!
Other Lä® systems are equipped with elegant, wide glass sections up to a maximum length of 220 centimeters, as well as many additional elements that allow the system to be securely fixed on the balcony surface and secured to the walls of the building and, if necessary, to the roof.  We offer a wide range of opening / closing section lengths for our customers, from 80 centimeters in the lowered position to 130 centimeters in the raised position, up to more than two meters high, elegant glass walls.  Our experts will help you find the most suitable design and function solution, depending on your desires, balcony size, and visual characteristics.
Other Lä® systems are made especially special by the special thin, laminated glass – six millimeters thin in the fixed part and one millimeter thinner in the non-fixed part.  If necessary, semi-transparent glass and other materials can also be used, which will further enhance the aesthetic appearance of the glazed balcony.

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