No less important factor then functionality and security is the visual impression of the installed windows system.  Svalson sliding window systems are designed with the intention to fully meet the customer’s desire of unity in the interior of the premises, incorporating all the necessary aesthetic qualities. We offer our clients a wide range of options in the design of sliding window systems, allowing them to choose the most suitable solution for themselves, as well as provide our clients with professional advice if necessary.
If window system instalation is needed in the  areas where design is a key factor, such as hotels, cafes, restaurants or outdoor terraces, window systems should be aesthetically pleasing and of the highest quality. That is exactly what masters of our company are taking care of.  We offer both relatively simple design window systems that create a sense of spaciousness and unlimited space, and smaller window systems with a greater number of additional elements, such as tables, shelves and various types of decorative elements.
For customers who have a special interest in design and aesthetics, we recommend choosing the customizable S-Special sliding window system.  Unlike other window systems, the S-Special offers the customer unlimited options in terms of both the functionality and design of the window system.  The design of the S-Special system is fully adaptable to the overall visual design of the room.  For this type of system, we say that the only thing that can limit you is your imagination, and nothing else can become an obstacle to the solution you want.  Our company experts will be happy to advise you on the right and most effective solution.
Along with the S-Special fully customizable window system, we also offer a wide range of partially standardized window systems.  These systems are also fully customizable to the customer’s needs, as our window systems are designed with the utmost customization in mind, and our experts are always ready to assist the customer with the solution he needs.  The wide range of visually appealing and aesthetically pleasing sliding window systems will allow you to be confident that the room equipped with the Svalson sliding window system will become even more elegant and beautiful.

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