Svalson sliding, lifting window systems.

More than 30 years ago, the Swedish company Svalson AB developed the first electronically controlled window system. During these years we have continuously grown as a company, expanding our reach and furthering what we can acheive. Now our company delivers windows to over 5,000 costumers every year in many regions of the world – Europe, Australia, Asia, North America, South America and Africa. With pleasure, pride and a high sense of responsibility we are developing our operations in Latvia as well. Now we are ready to provide our customers in Latvia with quality sliding window system solutions tailored to your needs.
Svalson sliding window systems have been built with years of experience combined with technological advances found all around the world. Our highly qualified specialists enable us to provide our clients with high calibre, functional, safe and carefully designed sliding window systems tailored to their needs.
 A simple touch of a button is all you need to open and operate one of our custom windows.  Our windows are ergonomic and versatile with a very wide range of applications – restaurants, outdoor terraces, offices, offices, health care facilities, shops, industrial companies, police and correctional facilities, arenas and stadiums, ticketing venues and more depending on the customers wishes and needs. Svalson window systems are electronically controlled and designed to meet the specific needs of each customer. It’s not just about ergonomics and functionality though. We offer our clients safety through fire-resistant, noise-reducing, heat-insulating windows which are needed in this day and age.
All of our window systems are CE quality aproved, which allows you to know you are safe under the most secure and high quality products.

Svalson offers its customers a wide selection of sliding window systems. We are confident that our windows will satisfy any clients wishes regarding the functionality and adaptability of the window system to the needs of anyone who uses them. Our window systems can be equipped with different types and thicknesses of glass, from very thin, laminated glass to thick impact-resistant and bullet-resistant glass. Window system frames are available in a variety of materials – from steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and other materials. We also offer our clients the choice of window system size, number of sections to open and direction of opening. Our specialists can give our clients help with any part of their window they need to help tailor their window for their specific building.
We are aware that the window system is often incomplete if it is not equipped with the necessary accessories. That’s why Svalson also offers its customers a wide range of accessories that are often needed as an integral part of their sliding windows systems. For example, the masters of our company develop special moving pallets for money transactions and security. They are designed to be used in combination with window systems, such as ticketing offices and exchange offices. We also offer our customers the possibility to equip workstations with special microphones and speakers, in addition to the installation of the window system, for example at railway stations, banks and currency exchange offices.
On our homepage, you can find out about the wide range of Svalson sliding, sliding windows and accessories. Detailed descriptions and characteristics are available for each item. Depending on the installation location or function of the window system, you can quickly and easily find the right window system on our website. We will make sure you get the best solution for your desires and needs!

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