Facade windows, as an essential element of design, are particularly important in cafes and restaurants, which are most often first appreciated by customers for their appearance.  That’s why Svalson has developed special window systems that are perfectly suited for installation on cafe, restaurant and hotel facades, combining an elegant and modern look with functionality, security and easy electromechanical control.  In order to provide maximum comfort to the people in the room, customers often want the facade windows to be equipped with a number of insulated profiles that provide thermal insulation.
In addition to the wide range of window systems for cafe and restaurant facades, which you can view on our website, you should also refer to the special Njord Thermo sliding window system.  It is a window system especially suited to our unstable climatic conditions.  Facade windows equipped with Njord Thermo are functional, insulating and elegant.  They are ideal for use in both winter and summer conditions, providing good temperature resistance to cold and summer sunlight while maintaining excellent light transmittance.
Customers have a wide range of options for installing the Njord Thermo system to be installed.  The client can choose both the height and length of the window system, depending on the need and compatibility with the building’s characteristics.  The Njord Thermo sliding window system can consist of one single glazed section, as well as several vertically up or down sections.  This type of window system is equipped with a durable aluminum frame and up to 26 millimeters thick, safety glass.  As standard Njord Thermo is equipped with D4-15 double glazing.  If necessary, we also offer our customers additional design solutions that will make the Njord Thermo system more elegant and design compatible with the overall design of the façade of a cafe, restaurant or any other building.

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