Among the window systems developed by Svalson, customers also have the opportunity to find one that provides such an essential fire protection function in many industrial and other facilities.  Of particular note is the SV-E60 sliding window system offered by our company, which is a highly sought after solution for customers in premises where the fire safety aspect is of particular importance.  The Svalson SV-E60 type systems are fully fireproof and are suitable for installation in applications requiring E-15 to E-60 fire class requirements.  This means that for at least 60 minutes, this type of window system prevents the flames from spreading through the window and withstands the temperature of the fire, allowing all necessary fire safety measures to be taken during this time.
The SV-E60 sliding window systems are fire resistant and at the same time retain all functional, aesthetic and ergonomic features.  This type of window system can be opened vertically and is equipped with a steel frame covered with a special powder coating.  The SV-E60 window system is equipped with 6mm thick Pyran S certified fire resistant glass.  Given the specific purpose of the SV-E60 window system, it consists of only one vertical opening section and is limited in size to 60-116 centimeters wide and 80 to 210 centimeters high.
 If the customer needs a sliding window system that is individually adjustable and at the same time meets additional fire resistance requirements, we recommend choosing the S-Special type system.  This system can be equipped with fire protection elements if required.  The S-Speciali system is not limited in size, number of sections and direction of window opening.  It can combine all functional and design wishes of the customer, while at the same time achieving fire resistance and security of the window system.  If necessary, our specialists will also advise the client on the choice and installation of a fire-resistant sliding window system.

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