Svalson offers its customers a wide range of window systems, both horizontally and vertically.  Depending on your goals, where the window system is to be installed, and the room or building design solutions, choosing the right window system can make it more efficient and aesthetically pleasing.  Our specialists can evaluate your wishes and help you find the most suitable solution for each case.
We offer four types of horizontal opening window systems – Type 4507, Type 6018, Type SH, Type AH 50 – as well as one customizable window system, S-Special.  All of these window systems can consist of one or more horizontally opening sections, depending on your needs and needs.  Aluminum or steel window frames are available.  Aluminum window frames can be fitted with 6 to 20 millimeters thick glass, while steel and stainless steel window frames can be fitted with any thickness of glass.  The S-Special window system is completely customizable to your needs, allowing you to combine both horizontal, vertical opening and other parameters.
From our experience, horizontally opening window systems are perfect for administrator office work, hotel reception, hospital reception and reception, as well as office and office space.  The window systems developed by our company specialists are functional, safe and easy to operate.  Depending on your wishes, the window systems can be equipped with different number of opening and opening sections.  You can find all the possibilities offered by Svalson Horizontal Folding Window Systems on our website.  Our specialists are always happy to help you find the best solution for your building with Svalson sliding window systems.

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