Reducing daily noise at the workplace is often one of the solutions for more comfortable working conditions.  This is especially true in industrial companies, football stadiums and institutions, where large numbers of people are constantly around, which can create noise and discomfort for the workers who need to work in a particular room.  Svalson offers sliding window systems that enable effective sound insulation and noise reduction in a given workstation equipped with the Svalson window system.
We offer window systems equipped with special, laminated, noise-reducing glass and soundproofing accessories such as silicone sealant.  Customers who aim to reduce noise in the room should be aware that the most effective sound insulation can be achieved with windows that are mounted in window frames.  Therefore, it is advisable to choose window systems that are framed by each individual section of glass.  If necessary, our specialists will help you find the best solution for installing sliding window systems with noise reduction function.
The most popular choice among our customers for this purpose is the AH50 sliding window system.  It is a horizontally opening, additional safety window system that comes standard with 8mm thin laminated glass.  However, if the customer wants to provide a more effective noise reduction, we recommend that this window system be equipped with a special, soundproofing glass.  This type of glass is specially designed to maximize the neutralization of sound waves by partially reflecting, partially absorbing.
If the customer wants a more elegant and fully personalized solution, it is also possible to choose the special S-Special sliding window system.  It is fully customizable in design and function, and, like the AH50 and many other types of Svalson sliding window systems, is equipped with acoustic insulating glass for effective noise reduction and thus a more comfortable working environment.

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