Not only restaurants, hotel administrations, hospitals and ticket offices are equipped with window systems.  Often, our customers also want to install Svalson sliding window systems in institutions that require increased security, such as police, correctional facilities, currency exchange offices and banks.  Our sliding window systems can be equipped with all the necessary functions according to the wishes of the customer, which makes them comfortable, functional and also as safe as possible according to any customer needs.
Svalson offers a wide range of safety sliding window systems, of which we can highlight the SH and SV, as well as the S-Special sliding window systems.  Horizontally opening SH-type window system can be equipped with steel or stainless steel frames, which can be attached to bullet-proof glass up to 75 millimeters thick.  The SV-type window system is also well suited for installation in rooms where the security element is of great importance.  This window system, like the SH system, can be fitted with bullet-proof glass up to 75 millimeters thick.  Unlike the SH system, the SV window system opens vertically.  In turn, the S-Special system is fully customized to meet the customer’s needs, with all the necessary security features and maximum aesthetic and functional compatibility with the overall design of the room and building.
To ensure maximum security for Svalson sliding window systems, we also offer the necessary accessories, such as sliding racks, which are primarily intended as a supplement to installed window systems at banks and currency exchange offices.  We also provide the ability to add alarm systems to our window systems that respond to potential unwanted threats and attempts to open or damage the window glass or frame.

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