Every sufficiently large football stadium and state-of-the-art hockey, basketball and other arenas are equipped with VIP lounges, press stations and cafes, usually enclosed in special glass from the rest of the stadium or arena.  Svalson offers its customers a particularly pleasant stay in the press area, stadium or arena café and VIP lounge by equipping these rooms with sliding window systems rather than ordinary windows.  They are quick and easy to control, allowing people in the room to fully indulge in an ongoing sporting event or concert while fully enjoying the stadium atmosphere without feeling alienated from the rest of the audience.
Given the variety of stadiums and arenas, design choices and security requirements, we offer an equally extensive range of window systems that are perfectly customizable to the specific location.  For arenas and stadiums, we offer both horizontal and vertical window systems with ordinary or laminated glass and systems with impact-resistant glass.  We can advise the client on the best window system selection and equipment in the arena or stadium.
We offer Svalson customers a wide choice of window system sizes and functionalities.  The customer can choose the size – height and weight – of the window system to be installed, the thickness and type of glass, the materials of the window frame and many other characteristics.
One of the special offers that Svalson offers to customers is the special Njord Thermo sliding window system, which is ideal for installation in stadiums where sports activities are also held in autumn and winter.  The Njord Thermo window system is equipped with a special thermal insulation profile that protects the rooms from cold air temperatures and allows you to enjoy the stadium.
Check out the full range of sliding windows systems for stadiums and arenas right here on our website.

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