Svalson offers a diverse range of high-quality window systems for the installation of medical facilities.  In medical facilities, this type of window system is often needed, for example, in rooms such as reception rooms, waiting rooms and the like.  Svalson sliding window systems for healthcare facilities are designed to ensure the smooth operation of the facility’s staff and convenient visitor service.  Windows systems for lounges and reception areas are specially equipped to provide protection against the entry of unauthorized persons into the workplace and for various attempts to read information from computer monitor screens.  Another advantage of Svalson’s health care window systems is the sound insulation, which protects against continuous noises in the waiting room.
For healthcare facilities, Svalson offers a very wide range of sliding window systems – both horizontal and vertical window systems, with customized window widths and lengths as required.
A special S-Special window system is also well suited to healthcare facilities, which can be used in a very wide range due to its ergonomics and easy adaptability.  The S-Special is a custom-designed window system that is fully customizable to each customer’s specific needs in every detail.  Customers who wish to equip a medical facility with Svalson window systems have an unlimited choice of S-Special system – the system will be individually tailored to the specific design solution and the specifics of the medical facility.  Our specialists will always be happy to help you find the best solution for this type of window system installation.
Sliding window systems of type 4507, type 6018, type AH50 and type AV70 are also ideally suited for healthcare facilities.  If necessary, other types of window systems in our range can be adapted to our customers’ needs.  It all depends on your wishes and needs.  You can make a full offer on our website.

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