Industrial window systems are often needed for more practical and operational functions such as fire protection, room partitioning and soundproofing rather than design elegance.  Svalson experts are well aware of this, so we offer our customers who want to equip their industrial company with reliable, durable and high-quality window systems to meet your specific needs.  Of course, at the same time, an attractive aesthetic look has been thought of, which will make the interior of any industrial company more pleasant and attractive.
For our clients, we highly recommend the special S-Special sliding window system for industrial installations.  As standardized window systems are most often not available in industrial applications, S-Special is exactly what our customers need.  It is a fully customized window system for every customer.  The customer, in consultation with Svalson experts, finds the most suitable solution for installing an S-Special window system in an industrial company.  The height and width of the window system to be installed as well as the thickness of the frame and window glass are adjusted to the customer’s needs.  It is possible to install straight, classic glass or arched, concave glass.  Similarly, the client is free to choose the number of sections of the window system he / she will determine, how many of these sections will be opened.  If necessary, the S-Special window system can combine vertical and horizontal windows.  The client can also choose the desired material for the window frames.  The simplest aluminum and steel frames are available, as well as stainless steel and brass.  The frames can be fitted with ordinary and other types of glass according to the customer’s wishes and needs, such as laminated glass.  The S-Special window system can also be equipped with additional electronic control functions that allow you to operate the system using, for example, a dedicated remote control or a computer.
Along with the S-Special custom sliding window system, which is perfect for any industrial company, Svalson also offers a wide range of other window systems.  They are more standardized yet with sufficient choice and customization on which our experts can provide professional advice.  You can find a wide range of window systems for industrial companies on our website.

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