The sliding window systems offered by Svalson for offices and offices are designed to enable you to easily and at any time separate or combine your office or office space when needed.  Our customers do not have to choose between office partitions and a single office space, as one touch can achieve both partitioning and re-unification.  A very wide range of Svalson sliding window systems are also available, for example, for administrator workstations for office or office lobbies.
Particularly popular with our customers is the AH50 sliding window system.  They are lightweight, thin but at the same time guarantee a high level of security, horizontally opening windows with electronic control.  Very well suited for rooms with large numbers of people and requiring separation of staff and visitors, such as waiting rooms.  As standard, this type of windows is equipped with 8 mm thick laminated glass.  We recommend choosing polished-edged glasses as this gives an even more elegant and aesthetic visual appearance.  AH50 window systems are available in different heights and widths, depending on the customer’s needs.  The customer also has the choice of how many parts need to be fitted in the window system and how many of these parts will be opened.
We also offer our clients other types of window systems that are very well suited for offices and offices.  The 4507 window system, for example, is very well suited for hotel reception or billboard installations.  This window system is equipped with horizontal opening windows up to 6.5 millimeters thick.  For customers who need to equip their office or office space, horizontally open vertical window systems such as SH, SV, window system type 6018 and others are also available.  The full range is available on our website.

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