The security aspect is of paramount importance in police and correctional facilities, so sliding window systems for this type of facility must meet all the best security quality standards.  Svalson offers a wide range of sliding window systems that are suited to the type of building where security is required.  We offer both partially standardized sliding window systems and individual fully customizable window system solutions.
Svalson window systems for police and correctional facilities are equipped with a special protective glass, which, depending on the purpose of use, can be special, physically resistant and safety glass, and very thick, bullet-proof glass.  The fire safety aspect is also considered, offering customers the option of fitting window systems with special fire-resistant glass.  Our experts can provide detailed advice to clients on the choice of sliding window systems and the installation of secure sliding window systems.
Svalson can offer up to eight different types of window systems to police and correctional facilities.  These are the 6018, 9018, AH50, AV70, Njord, SH and SV systems of the window system as well as the fully customizable S-Special sliding window system.  Other types of systems are also available.
All offered window systems are equipped with electromechanical control, which ensures convenient and functional operation of the systems.  In institutions where security is of paramount importance, reliable and fast, electronically controlled window system management is critical to maintaining security.  No matter what window system configurations and sizes the customer needs, they are equally easy to use and secure.  Both horizontal and vertical window systems are available, as well as the combination of both.  More detailed information about each window system can be found on our website.

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