Our extensive product range also includes window systems specifically designed for restaurants and various types of outdoor summer terraces.  Customers can choose from a wide variety of window systems to choose the most desirable and elegant solution for their restaurant or cafe.  For example, Svalson offers both large, glazed window systems that reveal
For winter conditions, Njord Thermo window systems are very suitable for installation as external windows.  They are specially designed to be used even in very cold winter conditions.  These window systems are equipped with special heat-insulating profiles and can be fitted with up to 26 millimeters thick, safety glass.  Different types of Njord Thermo window systems are available, ranging from one to three up or down sections.  Like the Njord window systems, the Njord Thermo comes with all the necessary safety features.
When looking at our offer, be sure to look at other types of sliding window systems that are great for restaurants and outdoor terraces.  For example, the 9018, AV70 and S-Special window systems can be just as well suited to the interior design you choose.

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