The sliding window systems offered by Svalson for shops and other outlets are a modern, high-quality solution that combines elegant visual appearance with ease of use and additional security features when needed.  Window systems are suitable for large supermarkets, small shops and kiosks, as well as, for example, currency exchange offices.  They can be additionally equipped with a special sliding surface for extra security for money transactions.
A very popular solution among customers for equipping shops with sliding window systems is the SV-type system.  They are durable, vertical electronic control windows that are suitable for both indoor installation and as exterior shop windows.  These window frames are made of steel or we can also offer stainless steel SV window frames according to the customer’s wishes.
The sliding window systems of this model are specially designed for installation in areas with increased security requirements.  Often, rogues choose the window glass by simply knocking it out of the way to shoplifting illegally.  By installing an SV window system with extra-thick window glass, anyone can be assured that there will be no damage to the shop space.  The SV system can be installed from 6 millimeter thick laminated glass to 75 millimeter bullet-proof glass.  Depending on the need and following the advice of our experts, the customer will find the best solution to fit a particular outlet.
Like other types of Svalson window systems, store and other point of sale systems are equipped with special safety catches to prevent the window from falling in an emergency.
We also have a wide range of other window systems that may be right for your store – check out our full range on our website.

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