At stations, theaters, stadiums, cinemas and other places where tickets are sold, quality workplace equipment is essential for the seller’s convenient, safe and uninterrupted operation.  Svalson sliding window systems for ticketing sites are functional, easy-to-operate, secure and perfectly customizable to each specific installation location.  We offer a wide range of window systems that fully meet all required security and functionality standards.  Such systems are also well suited for currency exchange offices.  We offer various types of sliding window systems, enabling our clients to fully customize the window system exactly what they need – by choosing the size, thickness, number of opening sections and other parameters.
From the security point of view, special movable pallets for cash dispensing and dispensing are also important solutions at ticket offices and exchange offices.  Where needed, such movable pads provide added security, avoiding direct contact with large numbers of people and potential security risks.  Such pallets are a highly sought after component of Svalson sliding window systems.  For example, Svalson’s 500K movable rack is made of stainless steel, easy to move and adapt to any window system that you install.  We also offer the 500S type rack, which is thicker and wider than the 500K type rack, but equally functional and easy to use.
If necessary, we can also provide the customer’s window system with a special cash dispensing mechanism, which is intended for installation mainly in places where large amounts of money are transacted, such as currency exchange offices.  The P7025 is 64 centimeters wide by 47 centimeters long.  This ensures convenient, functional and secure cash transactions.
You can find the full range of Svalson sliding window systems at our ticket office on our website.

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