Along with a wide range of horizontal opening window systems, we also offer our customers a wide range of options for vertical opening window systems.  We offer a total of eight different types of vertical window systems as well as one customizable window system.  Each of our window systems is particularly well suited for certain functions.  For example, some of Svalson’s sliding window systems are particularly well suited for cafes and restaurants, others for police and repair agencies.  Particularly widespread applications include vertical window systems in football stadiums.  However, any window system developed by our specialists is equally adaptable to various other functional purposes.  Svalson window systems are equally effective for indoor and outdoor use.  All you have to do is tell us what you want and we’ll give you the best advice with quality and functional sliding window systems.
  Our company offers the following vertical-opening window systems – Type 9018, Type AV70, Njord and Njord Thermo types, which are ideal for installing VIP shutters in cafes, restaurants and stadiums, SV and the special fire-resistant type SV-E60,  which is especially suitable for police and industrial equipment, as well as 7007 and 7018 types of sliding window systems that can be used for both cafe equipment and other functions depending on customer’s preference.  In addition to the above window system types, customers can also choose the special S-Special system that is completely customizable to your needs, allowing you to combine both vertical and horizontal opening directions.
The functional and technical characteristics of each of these window systems can be found on our website.  Take a look at Svalson’s wide selection and find the solution that suits you best.  We will be happy to help you!

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