At Svalson you can find two specially designed sliding window systems whose main function is wind protection.  Citi Lä® and Café au Lä® sliding window systems are a completely new and unique solution developed by Svalson. They are perfect for outdoor cafes and terraces.  These window systems are aesthetic, functional and easy to control, allowing you to enjoy the great outdoors and not worry about the wind or bad weather that sometimes tends to ruin this type of recreation.  Citi Lä® and Café au Lä® protects against wind and provides maximum comfort to anyone in a window equipped area.
With the sliding windows system for Café au Lä® cafes and restaurants, you can fully protect your guests on outdoor patio from inclement weather – strong wind and rain.  Installing these systems allows you to protect items on the patio from theft and eliminates the need to bring tables in and out when it’s bad weather.  The Café au Lä® window system is ideal to use it in winter and summer.

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